Mark Kac Center for Complex Systems Research

Jagiellonian University


A quantum computer, i.e. the device, which uses the advantages of quantum mechanics to perform efficient computation (with exponentially increased efficiency over the standard machines) is a holy grail of current quantum mechanics studies. The list (non exclusive) of relevant, intertwined topics includes: the construction of codes which efficiently use the quantum nature of computations, practical means to transfer and store quantum information, i.e., a study of quantum systems that may be controlled efficiently, construction of elementary quantum gates, fundamentals of quantum mechanics such as properties of entanglement and its measures, decoherence, error corrector codes etc. It seems that the best suited for most of these purposes are atomic systems (see the report, reviewing the present status of quantum computing) - the main interest in the group. Krakow node investigates the theory and the geometry of the squeezed quantum states and the systems of colds atoms adapted for the information processing and storage.