Mark Kac Center for Complex Systems Research

Jagiellonian University


Gigantic amount of data collected by contemporary biology, genetics and neurology of the brains require implementation of the novel methods of analysis, borrowed from the theory of complex systems. Typical examples are applications of theory random matrices for studying protein folding, seeking correlations in genetic chips, investigations of conductance properties in biological channels and studies of the statistics of damage in DNA caused by radiation, either during the cancer therapy or during the long exposure to cosmic radiation during the space missions. Since several years some of these topics are investigated by dr Ewa Gudowska-Nowak, recently also under the patronage of faculty’s second European Center of Excellence Nanometerscale Science and Advanced Materials (NANOSAM). Several studies were triggered in US and performed during the long-term collaboration of dr Gudowska-Nowak with Brookhaven National Laboratory (NY), Department of Biophysics at Health Science Center at Stony Brook University Hospital (NY) or during workshops organized by Molecular Simulation Incorporated (Boston, MA), leading American company in the field of biomolecular simulations.