The continuing development of the Internet creates several new challenges. The crucial are: development of new algorithms of information search, solving the "redundant information: problem, design and optimization of the networks not only from the viewpoint of the speed of the access to data, but also, what is contemporary more and more important, from the viewpoint of the robustness of the networks against accidental malfunctions or hostile attacks. The impact of Internet on e-banking and e-commerce triggers the need of research how to optimize the information gathered by computers and/or wireless for the development of successful marketing strategies. This is currently one of the fastest developing branch of computer technologies (predictions of consumers profiles). Since two years the fundamental studies in the field of tele-informatics and topologies of large networks are studied by two groups at the Faculty, Applications of Numerical Methods Group (prof. Szwed, dr Dulinski, dr Bialas) and Theory of Complex Systems Group (dr Burda). One has to mention here, that the skills of these two groups granted them the status of European Community Center of Excellence (project COPIRA), one of the only five in Poland in in the field of Information Society Technologies.


Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Szwed (Lab Leader)

dr hab. Piotr Białas

dr hab. Zdzisław Burda

dr hab. Wojciech Słomiński

dr Zbigniew Duliński